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Our Happy Customers
New to Malta in May 2017. It was difficult to find reliable people to do all the 1.000.000 things you have to do, if you move from one country into another one. For me it was one of the difficulties to get Pellets and, really important, someone to install my pellet-stove including a long new chimney. All 3 things have been done perfect. The delivery with 2 pallets of Pellets, The new chimney and the installation of my Pellet-stove. Ah, and, important for new citizens of Malta, got reliable people to ask for help with other “open items” to find qualified companies.

Atmost with Justin and Philip? This is a recommendation!

Horst Peters

April 2018

I’ve spent the last four years renovating an old townhouse and I’ve always wanted a cast iron stove. When I started my research for a local supplier I came across Atmost and immediately recognized the Morso brand.

I love their traditional stoves and I ended up purchasing two. One large one and a smaller one which was inserted inside a small fireplace.

I want to thank Atmost for their professional, timely and efficient service from start to finish.

I will be back to purchase a pellet stove this time and perhaps some of those lovely cast iron Morso pots and pans!

Keep up the good work.

Lisa Lombardi

June 2017

Some time back, my wife and I were looking to install a stove. We went to quite a few agencies but much to our regret, we discovered that some had their merchandise very costly or else they just had empty promises. We then remembered that a couple of years before we had contacted Atmost to come and check our old chimney, so we opted to go and visit their place which is just a couple of minutes from where we live. We found them to be very efficient and diligent people…they keep their word and they do a wonderful job….completely reliable and they stick to their delivery and installation date….they even go as far as to clean and clear up any mess after they finish installing…we did not have any regrets choosing them…..Also a word of praise regarding the product they sell…robust but pleasant to look at besides having competitive prices….well done and keep up the good work. We certainly do highly recommend both product and service. A very big thank you to Justin and Philip.
Godwin and Mariosa D’Anastasi

June 2016

I live in a pedestrian area and bringing fire wood to our home was a nightmare, not only for the lifting but also for finding good quality firewood throughout the winter. I found out a perfect answer with Atmost: the wood is the best quality I ever found on the island at a good price and the delivery is always quick and efficient, Atmost teams insures a great service with smile. I would highly recommend them!
Lisa Guillot

May 2015

The team at Atmost constantly provide the highest level of service. The convenience of buying in bulk, offsite storage and when request their light speed delivery is truly outstanding. They are extremely professional and I would highly recommend their service and products to anyone.
Chris Knights

May 2015

I first came across a Morso stove while visiting a friend in the UK. My friend was very happy with the stove’s efficiency & highly recommended the brand. I wanted something that had a good performance but that was aesthetically beautiful too.

When I first contacted Atmost through their website they got back to me immediately and we set up a meeting. I was quite concerned about choosing the right stove for my house. Everytime I emailed them with questions they always replied within a short period of time. Both Philip & Justin of Atmost were extremely patient & helpful giving me lots of information and advise. It took me a while to decide on the stove I wanted and yet, I was never rushed into making a decision I was uncomfortable with.

Working in the home improvement sector myself, I found Atmost to be very knowledgable not only about their product but also about the installation. In fact I happily entrusted them the installation with very neat results.

I felt very well taken care of all through my dealings with this company & highly recommend their product & their excellent service.

Christianne Borg Barthet

Beta Centre, May 2016

This was my third winter that I’ve purchased my firewood from Atmost Malta. Justin and Philip are always very service orientated and friendly. Prompt deliveries and fair pricing is not the only thing that stands out now-a-days you need to “go the extra mile” and they do so. Atmost is my first (and only) choice for firewood and their excellent chimney cleaning service is recommended too.
Olaf Sliema

May 2015

Atmost are easy to communicate with and always give a prompt service.
Paul Selis

May 2015

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