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Morsø 7670 Wall Mounted Stove

The Morsø 7600 series has its own unique character – its spherical shape, feminine transitions and the large door glass, the largest in Morsø’s history. These unique design elements provide the stove with a personal style and a soft organic touch, yet still produced in the robust and almost indestructible material: cast iron.

The 7600 wood burning stove is a work of art not unlike a living being, warming your house, your body and soul. The Morsø 7600 series is based on the convection principle, ensuring wonderfully clean and efficient combustion.


Technical details

• Convection System
• Airwash system
• Pre-heated combustion air
• Pre-heated secondary air supply
• Tertiary Air
• Ash pan

• Wood

Colors & Variants
• Black

• EN/N


Rated output (kw) 6,2
Heat output range (kw)  3-8
Heats up (m2) 45-120
Height (mm)
Width (mm) 461
Depth (mm)
Flue exit top fits to Ø 150
Flue exit rear fits to Ø 150
Weight (kg)
Log Length (cm) 33
Clearances to combustible materials, behind stove (mm) 150
Clearances to combustible materials, to the side (mm) 500
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Morsø 7642 Manual

Morsø 7642 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 7642 CAD Drawings

Morsø 7642 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 7644 Manual

Morsø 7644 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 7644 CAD Drawings

Morsø 7644 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 7648 Manual

Morsø 7648 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 7648 CAD Drawings

Morsø 7648 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 7650 Manual

Morsø 7650 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 7650 CAD Drawings

Morsø 7650 Stove Dimensions

Morsø 7690 Manual

Morsø 7690 Declaration of Performance

Morsø 7690 CAD Drawings

Morsø 7690 Stove Dimensions

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