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Sergio Leoni Marlene LA

Marlene is a whole family of ceramics wood-burning and pellet stoves with the timeless charm of Central European “tiles” pattern, which adapts to any room. This model is offered in the wood-burning version, with additional refractory mass, which ensures 12 hours of prolonged heat with only one load of wood.



Technical Details

Fuel Wood
Nominal Heat Output (kW) 13,50
Reduced Heat Output (kW) 5,70
Efficiency (%) 89,90
Hourly Consumption (kg/h) 3,10
Heatable Volume (m³) 332,00
Smoke Outlet ⍉ (mm) 120,00
Weight (kg) 207,00
Additional accumulation weight (kg) 30,00
Smoke Temperature (°C) 157,00
Smoke flow rate (g/s) 10,20
Material Ceramic, brass and cast iron
Measures (L x D x H cm)  68 x 50 x 123,5
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