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Morsø 3610 Classic Stove

The Wood Burning Stove Perfect for Heating Large Rooms
The Morsø 3610 is one of the largest in the range and produces a nominal 10 kw output. A beautifully designed stove with clean lines, the Morsø 3610 radiant stove is ideal for rooms with “cathedral” ceilings that require a radiant heater for effective and efficient heating. In addition, this stove’s large double doors make it perfect for heating large rooms.

The primary air-control lever is conveniently located in the front of the stove making it easy to adjust heat output and burn time and the double doors with extra-large glass panels provide an excellent view of the fire. To keep the large panels clean, primary air is designed to “wash” down across the glass panes to keep them clean through all phases of the burn cycle.

Wood can be loaded into a Morsø 3610 stove from the front doors or through the easy-access side door. The large firebox accepts up to 58 cm long logs and a specifically designed air channel helps burn the fuel as completely and efficiently as possible. The Morsø 3610 has two ash pans for convenient ash removal without manually shovelling out the ashes from the firebox.

Installation of the Morsø 3610 is versatile and flexible with a reversible Ø155 mm flue collar; rear and bottom heat shields are standard



Technical details

Radiant heat
Air wash system
Pre-heated primary air supply
Pre-heated secondary air supply
Riddling grate system
Ash pan
Top or rear flue outlet
Removable handle
Optional outside air kit
Wood & briquettes
Dark grey
EN 13240
EPA approved


Rated output (kw) 9.8
Height (mm) 796
Width (mm) 743
Depth (mm) 605
Flue outlet, internal (mm) Ø 159
Minimum internal flue (mm) Ø 150
Weight (kg) 220
Log length (cm) 55
Efficiency Net / Gross (%) 74 / 67,3
Clearances to Combustibles, top (mm) 600
Clearances to Combustibles, sides (mm) 400
Clearances to Combustibles, soft furniture (mm) 1000
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