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Arco Chamonix Le11

Wood-burning stove with its sides and top made of rounded steatite panels. A particularly large firebox door that allows large logs to be inserted. Practical compartment at the bottom. Flue outlet at the top (optional set-up with a rear flue outlet).


  • Compartment and primary air control level
  • Ash pan and ash shaker lever
  • Secondary air control lever
  • Chrome handle with ceramic grip
  • It can be fitted with rear smoke outlet
  • Upper smoke outlet




Technical Details

Measures (L x B x H cm) 78 x 57 106
Nominal Heat Output (kW) 11.50
Nominal Space Heating Output (kW) 11.50
Nominal Efficiency (%) 80.00
Nominal CO Emission at 13% 02 (%) 0.320
Nominal Gas Outlet Temperature (°C) 350
Nominal Flue Gas Mass Flow (g/s) 8.30
Gas Outlet (mm) 150
Fuel Type Wood
Fuel Dimension (mm) 330
Mass of test fuel hourly (kg/h) 2.8
Heating Volume (m³) 283 / 35
Total Weight (kg) 432
Stone Weight (kg) 282
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Chamonix Le11 – Technical Sheet

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