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Morso Forno Wood Oven


The Morso forno not only makes cooking fun but it is also easy to cook restaurant standard pizzas, grilling and roasting juicy meats, smoked salmon, and bread.

The Morso Forno is designed by award winning designer Klaus Rath and even when not in use, the Forno is an elegant piece of outdoor furniture.


Why choose the Morsø Forno?

  1. Reaches cooking temperatures in around 45 minutes which is much quicker than other wood fired ovens.
  2. Made of high quality cast iron which retains a lot of heat and makes it very efficient so it uses less wood than other ovens.
  3. Standalone and compact oven which means it comes ready to use and does not require any installation in one particular location.
  4. Cooks pizzas in around 3 minutes!
  5. Very simple and easy to use – we will be more than happy to guide you the first time.
  6. It can be used all year round as it provides a cosy atmosphere.

The Morsø Forno can also be used in conjunction with our Morso Tables (small and large), Cast iron Cookware and Firewood products.

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Lighting the Morso Forno



Well-known Danish Chef Gorm Wisweh shows how to make simple yet crispy and delicious pizza in the oven


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